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[5.0] Patch-Notes

[Edit: C/c du Patch Notes traduit en anglais]

Update "Heart of the World".

On the occasion of the installation of update 5.0.0, gifts will be sent to all characters!
Note that changes concerning the subscription server will be allocated the special tag [subscription].

Full size of the update is ~1000Mb.

The Allods Team is pleased to announce that the long awaited global update 5.0 "Heart of the World" is applied to all our servers! It brings to the game a number of major innovations.


Umoyr and a new adventure

In update 5.0 "Heart of the World" a new allod has become available: the allod Umoyr.

The fates decree that players will be at the centre of events, and will help the local ruler to stop the spread of distortion in Umoyr, thus bringing tranquillity to this land. They will also go on a new raid adventure with their comrades on an enormous astral ship, the likes of which there is no equal in the whole of Sarnaut. The colossal battleship, created with the latest technology, is named Eclipse, and there's not a single fortress in the world capable of withstanding the fire of her guns.

For more information about the new territory read the "In Development" article.


One of the key features of this update was the introduction of a new class to the game - the Engineer. You can already see thetalent calculator of this class, which was kindly prepared by the AllodsWiki portal.

Engineers don't stand at the front, they prefer to fight from afar. For better maneuverability on the battlefield, they wear light leather armour, and enemies are met from a distance by the heavy fire of their artillery.
The Engineer uses a portable version of astral ship cannons to inflict damage, and mechanical assistants, as well as chemical and explosive mixtures to incapacitate enemy forces.

More information about the Engineer can be read in the "In Development" article. 

Wild Lands

The process of equipping characters has become more diverse! There will be a group of new territories, the Wild Lands of Umoyr, where you will be able to acquire the necessary equipment, sometimes competing with other treasure hunters.

The purpose of hunting will be a variety of monsters, and your prey - astral maps, gold and craft ingredients. The main trophy will be a special resource which can be exchanged for local currency. It can be used at traders to purchase special boxes which contain enhancers for a particular piece of armour or weapons. During the week you may earn a limited amount of currency.

More about the Wild Lands can be read in the "In Development" article and the special guide (to be translated).

New Astral

Astral has undergone significant changes. The entrances to the now familiar layers are closed forever. The brave explorers of the astral will be able to explore new, never before seen corners. Umoyr and its reflections will be waiting for the most courageous travellers!

More information about astral adventures can be read in the "In Development" article.

New Stat System

The basic game mechanics have been revised - the stat system has been completely redesigned, to which we have devoted an entire "In Development" article.


All lovers of fashion and style are in for a pleasant surprise -  a wardrobe for costumes! It will be possible, not only to keep all costumes in one place without clogging the bag and the bank, but also to change costumes at any convenient time.

Please note: if you use a style item, it will move from the bag into the wardrobe and become bound to your character. On your first entry to the game after installing 5.0.0, all style items will be automatically removed from the character and placed in the bag.

More information about the wardrobe can be found in the "In Development" article.



The updated talent calculator is now available to study for all classes!
Immunity to control effects while using class abilities now also applies a visual effect to the character.

  • In the tree of "Holy Blast" added new rubies "Crusade." Applies 5/10/15% more damage to "Chain of Light" and "Particle of Light", but they can no longer be used without the effect "Fanaticism," as you can no longer prepare them in advance.
  • Cast time of "Particle of Light" has been reduced to 3.5 seconds, and the damage has been increased by approximately 25%.
  • Damage from skill "Chain of Light" increased by approximately 15%.
  • Damage from skill "Cleansing Flame" increased by 40%.
  • Damage from skill "Sacred Word" increased by 47%.
  • Damage from skill "Heavenly Smite" increased by 75%. 
  • Damage from skill "Verdict" and "Anathema" is increased by 38%.
  • Damage from skill "Holy Rage" increased by 62%.
  • The duration of "Exorcism" has been reduced from 10 seconds to 6 seconds. Cooldown reduced from 2 minutes to 40 seconds.
  • In "Aspect of Light" the chance of receiving the effect of "Fanaticism" when using "Holy Blast" has been increased from 30% to 35%. All Holy damage dealt by a Priest under the influence of "Aspect of Light" is increased by 10%.
  • Ruby "Saintly Reach" now increases Holy damage by 5/10/15% instead of 12/24/36%.
  • Ruby "Divine Punishment", in addition to the old effect, now acts on the skill "Exorcism".
  • Ruby "Miracle Worker" reduces the cast time of "Holy Blast" by 10/20/30% instead of 5/10/15%.
  • Ruby "Devout Servant" reduces the cooldown of "Holy Rage" by 2/4 seconds instead of 3/6 seconds. Now decreases the mana cost by 25/50% instead of 35/70%.
  • Ruby "Executioner", in addition to the old effect, now applies to the skill "Holy Blast".
  • Rank 2 ruby "Valiant Guardian" now applies to "Exorcism".
  • Ruby "Holy Flame" increases the damage of "Holy Blast" by 6/12/18% instead of 5/10/15%.
  • Ruby "Light's Reach" - in "Aspect of Light" the range of abilities "Holy Blast", "Celestial Judgement", "Particle of Light", "Chain of Light", "Heavenly Smite" and "Cleansing Flame" is increased by 5/10/15 yards. In addition "Holy Blast", "Celestial Judgement" and "Particle of Light" slow the target's movement speed by 10/20/30% for 5 seconds.
  • Changed the action of Rubies "Blessed Resolution". Now casting "Holy Blast" reduces the cooldown of "Heavenly Smite" by 1/2/3 seconds.
  • Ruby "Angelic Grace" now reduces the mana cost of all the Priest's skills, not just "Holy Blast" and "Devoted Plea".
  • Passive ruby "Frenzy" has been replaced with the activated skill "Frenzy". After its application the Priest falls into a state of "Grace" for 8 seconds, which causes the skills "Holy Blast" and "Celestial Judgement" to be prepared instantly and require 70% less mana. Cooldown of "Frenzy" is 10/3/1 min.
  • Damage from ruby "Execution" increased by 40%. The ruby now applies to the skill "Holy Blast"
  • In "Aspect of Light," the chance of receiving the effect of "Fanaticism" when using "Holy Blast" abilities has increased from 30% to 35%. In "Aspect of Light" Holy damage is increased by 10%.
  • Changed the effect of the "Unbridled Wrath" rubies. Now, in "Aspect of Light" there is an 8/16/25% chance every 2 seconds that the Priest can receive the effect "Unbridled Wrath" for 4 seconds. Reduces the cooldown of "Frenzy" by 15 seconds.
  • Ruby "Entreaty" moved from the "Holy Blast" tree to the "Cleansing Flame" tree.
  • Ruby "Divine Infusion" now increases the critical strike chance of skill "Cleansing Flame" and heal "Perpetual Healing" by 10/20/30%.
  • Ruby "Righteous Fervor" now increases the critical strike chance of skills "Holy Blast" and "Celestial Judgement" and heals "Devoted Plea" and "Refreshing Light" by 5/10/15%.
  • Effect of rubies "Punishing Fanaticism" changed. In "Aspect of Rage" the Priest has a 10/20/30% chance to gain an effect of "Fanaticism" every 5 seconds while in combat.
  • Ruby "Veracity" now increases Rage instead of Conviction.
  • "Endless Blood" increases the critical strike chance by 3/6/9%. ---Note that this is a necromancer ruby which I believe has been put here by accident as it doesn't exist in the healer talent tree---
  • Ruby "Enlightenment" increases Determination instead of Intelligence.
  • Effect of ruby "Blaze of Faith" changed. Damage done by "Cleansing Flame" with a probability of 10/20/30/40% applies an effect on the enemy that will increase the damage of the next 3 Holy attacks on it by 20%.
  • "Illuminated Mind" increases Might instead of Wisdom.
  • "Enlightenment" increases Determination instead of Intelligence.
  • Rubies "Unshakeable Faith" increases Mastery instead of Perception.
  • Damage of abilities "Holy Blast" and "Celestial Judgement" increased by 11%, the cast time is reduced to 2 seconds.
  • Instead of the old effect, ruby "Holy Avenger" now increases the critical hit chance of the skill "Holy Rage" by 10/20/30%.
  • If the Priest is knocked down, they can now use the ability "Holy Shield".

  • "Sage's Intelligence" now increases Might by 3/6/9%.
  • "Master of Intuition" now increases Mastery by 3/6/9%.
  • "Hardened in Flames" now increases Willpower by 4/8/12%.
  • "Adherent's Determination" now increases Ruthlessness by 3/6/9%.
  • "Stoic Soul" now increases Conviction by 5/10/15%.
  • "Blazing Speed" now increases Rage by 4/8/12%.

  • Changed the icon of the skill "Ghostly Cover".
  • "Poisoned Blood" now increases the chance of critical damage by 7/14/21%.
  • "Donor Virus" is replaced by the ruby "Insatiable Hunger", which increases Bloodthirstiness by 5/10/15%. 
  • Fixed an issue where the parameters of the skill "Last Rites" did not change with the stats of the Summoner.  
  • In addition to the old effect, the ruby "Urgent Protection" now removes a magical effect. Instead of removing the whole shield it decreases the stack to 7/5/3.
  • Ruby "Frightful Presence" now decreases critical damage received by the Summoner by 5/10/15%.
  • "Endless Blood" increases the critical strike chance by 3/6/9%. ---Moved from the Healer section as it was incorrect---

    • Scout's ability "Smoke Cloud" no longer hides characters under the influence of Warrior's skill "Battle Frenzy".
    • "Piercing Blows" now increases the chance of critical damage of a Scout's skills by 3/6/9/12/15%.
    • "Uncanny Accuracy" now increases Mastery by 3/6/9%.
    • "Quickened Reflexes" no longer increases the chance to dodge. The reduction in energy cost of the abilities "Recoil", "Somersault", "Speed of the Damned" and "Supernatural Speed" increased to 33/66/100%.
    • "Killer Instinct" now reduces the amount of received critical damage by 5/10/15% and increases Determination by 1/2/3%.
    • "Cruelty" now increases Rage by 4/8/12%.
    • "Fencing Master" now makes it possible to block attacks with a probability of 5/10/15/20%. The increase in damage with melee weapons remains unchanged.
    • "Master of Survival" now increases resistances by 5/10%.
    • "Athlete" now increases Might by 3/6/9%.
    • "Mental Resistance" now increases Willpower by 4/8/12%. The reduction in the duration of control effects remains unchanged.

    • "Unending Knowledge" now increases Might by 3/6/9%.
    • "Analyst" increases Mastery by 3/6/9%.
    • "Mental Fortress" now increases Willpower by 4/8/12% and Stamina by 1/2/3%.
    • "Mind Bender" increases Conviction by 4/8/12% and Wisdom by 1/2/3%.
    • "Clarity of Thought" increases critical strike chance by 4/8/12%.
    • "Calculating Mind" increases critical strike chance by 5/10/15%.

    • "Superior Balance" now increases Endurance by 5/10/15% instead of Agility. The reduction in the cooldown of "Bark Shield" remains unchanged.
    • "Enhanced Reflexes" gives the Warden and his pet the ability to dodge attacks with a chance of 5/10/15%.
    • The ruby "Blade Turner" has been replaced by the ruby "Werewolf's Thirst" which increases Bloodthirstiness by 5/10/15%.
    • "Heightened Senses" increases armour by 5/10/15%.
    • "Primal Inspiration" increases Determination by 3/6/9%.
    • "Force of Nature" increases Might by 3/6/9%.
    • "Feral Instincts" reduces critical damage received by the Warden and his pet by 5/10/15%.
    • "Predatory Urge" increases Rage by 4/8/12%.
    • "Bestial Synergy" increases Luck by 4% for each stack of the effect.

    • "Divine Purpose" now increases Ruthlessness by 3/6/9%.
    • "Combat Inspiration", instead of the old effect, allows the Paladin to parry attacks by one handed weapons with a chance of 5/10/15%.
    • "Monk's Reflexes" increase Endurance by 5/10/15%.
    • "Purifier" increases critical strike chance by 5/10%.
    • "Righteous Rage" increases Rage by 7/14/21%.
    • "Angelic Harbinger" increases critical strike change by 3/6/9%.
    • "Zealot's Fury" increases Determination by 3/6/9%.
    • "Will of the Hermit" increases Willpower by 4/8/12%. 
    • "Disciple's Power" increases Mastery by 3/6/9%.
    • Damage from the skills "Anathema" and "Interdiction" has been reduced by 2 times.
    • Cooldown of the ability "Vengeance" is now 5 minutes.

    • Rubies "Master of Defense" have increased to 3 ranks and now increases block chance by 5/10/15%.
    • "Slaughter" increases the critical strike chance by 5/10/15%.
    • Rubies "Fencing Master" increased to 3 ranks. Warrior is able to parry attacks from one handed weapons with a chance of 5/10/15%.
    • "Ruthlessness" increases Rage by 4/8/12%.
    • "Lucky" increases the critical strike chance by 5/10/15%.
    • "Musclehead" increases the critical strike chance by 5/10/15%.
    • "Agile Maneuvers" increases Conviction by 5/10/15%.
    • "Daredevil" increases Determination by 3/6/9%.
    • "Lethal Blows" increase Mastery by 3/6/9%.
    • "Rampaging Menace" increases Might by 3/6/9%.
    • Ruby "Black Belt" has been removed.
    • The effect "Stony Resilience" will reset if the Warrior receives no damage for 10 seconds.
    • The damage dealt by the Warrior's skills "Whirlwind" and "Vicious Spin" doesn't depend on the damage of the equipped weapon, but on the damage per second of these weapons. 
    • Fixed a bug that didn't properly take into account equipment when calculating the damage absorbed by "Hexed".

    • "Sharp Chord" no longer increases critical strike chance, but increases the damage of chords "Dissonance" and "Disharmony" by 10/20%.
    • "Requiem for Enemies" increase Bard's Rage by 4/8/12%.
    • Instead of the old effect, "Rock and Roll" reduces the cooldown of "Solo" by 5/10/15 seconds each time the Bard receives a control effect.
    • "Trickster" increases Conviction instead of Agility by 5/10/15%.
    • Ruby "Virtuoso" renamed to "Soloist" and now increases Determination by 3/6/9%.
    • "Sixth Sense" instead of the old effect, decreases critical damage received by the Bard by 5/10/15%.
    • "Perfect Ear" increases Mastery by 3/6/9%.
    • "Bully" increases Might instead of Strength.
    • Rubies "Rock and Roll" and "Child of Fortune" swapped places.
    • After leaving a group, the effect "Fervor" is removed and the number of stacks is reset.


    • Now while moving through the astral plane, for example, with the use of June Ruins, Summoner's minion and Warden's pet will disappear.
    • Meeting with the crafters can now only be done from level 10. 
    • Killing the Devourer of Shadows is now counted for not only the characters who attacked hum, but also those who destroy his reinforcing companions. 
    • After completing the quest "Dragon Tears" and receiving the Frozen Tear of the Dragon, all pure tears of the dragon will be removed from the character's bags. The character will no longer be able to take the quests: "Rest for the Restless", "Strong Cover" and "Go to the Purgatory".
    • The former Heroic adventures are no longer available. The NPCs Maxim Zhukin (Empire) and Dmitry Svetly (League) will be removed from the faction capitals. All uncompleted quests to take part in Heroic adventures can be abandoned.

    ZIT Headquarters
    • After abandoning the quest "Lay into it!" the object "Sarcophagus" will be removed from the character's bag.

    Dragon Ring
    • Changed the combat mechanics of the "Tropical Muskir". Now the monster applies the effect "Confusion" every 8 seconds, reducing the target's Wisdom by 70% and decreasing movement speed by 40% for 5 seconds.
    • The quest "Yet Another Threat" will be available to players from level 37.

    • Increased the chance of receiving the pages for the quest "Scenario of the Future".
    • Reduced the cooldown of the "Teleportation Stone", that transports you on to the gridiron, to 2 minutes.
    • Fixed the description of the quest "Isle of Intrusion".
    • Fixed a bug which caused the quest "Reproduce and Breed!" to not be counted.

    • In the quest "Ultimate War", the description of "Astral Druse" has been changed to include the information that it's required to summon the third Destroyer. 
    • The ability to teleport to your best friend can no longer be used during the quest "The Race".

    Isle of Revelation
    • In the Master's Citadel, the stele that sold ship equipment has been disabled. Players can still purchase the necessary equipment in the hangar.

    • After completing the quest "The Bitter Truth" the "Long-Range Communicator" will be removed from the character.
    • Changed the entrance to the Rebels Refuge, by removing the ladder.
    • After completing the quest "Strength in Patience" there is no longer a context action to summon the Ancient.
    • Adjusted the automove for the quest "Sacred Sacrifices".

    • The quest "A Gift from the Dead" is now available from level 23.

    Kingdom of Nature
    • Adjusted the amount of experience received for completing some of the repeatable quests.

    Defiled Ruins
    • After the death of the boss "Actpaz the Invader", his summoned assistants will disappear.

    Wild Lands
    • Patron's favor doubles the amount of received maps and useful loot.


    • It's now possible to equip tears of the dragon during combat.
    • Changed the amount of rewards issued. Now it's calculated in proportion to the number of points.

    June Catacombs
    • The situation no longer arises where it's impossible to pick up amalgam on the Second Circle. Also, the character will be guaranteed to receive 10 drops of amalgam for each checkpoint they pass.
    • Using a means of transportation will no longer interrupt the process of becoming a golem.

    Deserted Farm
    • Deserted Farm has undergone a few changes. Now to win you must gain 2500 points. Up to 12 people can join the battle on each team. The speed of capturing the point depends on the number of players within the capture zone. Increased the radius of damage dealt from the cannons. Also players who receive this damage will gain an effect that reduces their movement speed and decreases incoming healing. Damage inflicted by the cannon is not blocked by Priest's "Holy Shield", Necromancer's "Immortality" and similar abilities of other classes. Removed the preparation time of a cannon shot. The cooldown till the next shot has been increased to 4 seconds.
    • Players can now purchase Symbols of Glory that increase the prestige of their guild from the Soldiers of Fortune for Battleground Emblems. They will cost the character 80 emblems.

    • Players can obtain new level 60 Dominion helpers in the astral plane, which they will also be able to improve.
    • The time to receive the effect for using Dominion helpers is now random, and to pick up the effect you must use the context action.
    • The rating for automatic victory increases depending on the ranking of the guilds who were registered to battle.
    • The effect "Lord of the Giants" has several levels. The amount of the effect applied to the attacking guild depends on the difference in the level of the defending guild. For the higher level guild, the level of  the "Lord of the Giants" effect will be decreased.
    • First place will receive 300 grains of realgar.
    • Fixed a bug that led to the inability to use the skill "Healing Wind" when summoning Pimen.
    • Fixed a bug leading to the inability to use Simurg's skill "Deadly shot" when there was a large number of enemies nearby.

    • The level of maze defenders has been increased to 60. Improving quests have been replaced with new ones.

    Arena of Death
    • Now players will receive Battleground Emblems as a reward for taking chests in the Arena of Death.

    Group Adventures

    Dead City
    • Fixed a bug in the battle with Nihaz where on the fourth phase he became level 51.

    Tep's Pyramid
    • Players will no longer receive prestige for their guild after defeating bosses.


    • The hull and the equipment of all ships will be improved to 9th generation.
    • Ship construction now lasts 10 days. You can speed up the process by using a Shipbuilder's Certificate.
    • The number of Astral Keys per week is now 4. Astral keys will be reset, however, during the week it is possible to stabilise all 4 Surreal Keys.
    • The amount of loot received from an island is now influenced by Maps, obtained from combining Map Scraps from the Wild Lands.
    • Now you can only use the Astrolabe to jump to a sector. Then you must make your own way to an island.
    • Players will receive items instead of designs. After using them a window will appear showing the required number of transformation crystals and gold for the installation of that item. After fulfilling the conditions, the item will appear in the Device Rack and it can be mounted on to the ship.
    • If you shoot an astral demon in the head, it will receive critical damage.
    • Now to fly to the astral plane, excluding sectors 1,8,15 and 22, will require consumable maps, which increase the loot received from the island. These maps can be obtained by combining map scraps received during the process of hunting for treasure in the Wild Lands. Maps of the corresponding quality will be provided for each sector. All maps have a certain multiplier of loot, which is randomly determined when the scraps are combined. The maximum possible multiplier depends on the quality of the map. If the first attempt did not achieve a maximum multiplier, then you can combine this map with a similar one to receive the maximum. When you visit an island, the map with the best multiplier from those available for this sector will be consumed.


    • Changes to astral modifiers:
    • "Astral Anger" increases the health of all monsters by 25% instead of 40%. 
    • "Astral Malice" increases damage dealt by monsters by 25% instead of 40%
    • "Astral Curse" reduces all outgoing healing effects by 35% instead of 50%.
    • "Chaotic Distortion". The effect, which changes the size of monsters, will be applied from the moment players enter the island, and maintained until they leave. Area of effect damage, when hitting shrunken monsters, will be significantly increased. All bonuses to damage and run speed will be removed.
    • "Spirit of Freedom": after being exposed to the protective effect, a monster will not get immunity to controls and will not receive protection again for 20 seconds.
    • "Astral Resistance" no longer reflects 100% but 50% of the damage of the corresponding elemental effect on the monster. Players will apply 50% less damage of that element.
    • "Shadow Enemies" - Shadows will apply a control effect only 5 seconds after starting combat, their damage has been reduced.
    • "Astral Power" increases the health of monsters by 50% instead of 80%.
    • "Astral Fury" increases the damage dealt by monsters by 50% instead of 80%.
                •  Modifiers that will be removed:
                • Tolerable Loss
                • Wealthy Allod
                • Limited Opportunities
                • Unstable Reflection
                • Merging the Elements
                          • Fixed a bug where monsters on astral islands maintained the effect "Battle Rampage" after they had struck their first blows.


                          • Professions have undergone a few changes. Now blacksmiths, weaponsmiths, leatherworkers and tailors at the maximum level of profession can create an Insignia. This special consumable item, when applied to level 60 upgradable equipment, can change one of it's stats. For example, the "Insignia of Mastery" is able to change one of the offensive stats to "Mastery". Recipes to create Insignias, as well as special and unique components, can be obtained in the Wild Lands. Insignias don't vary for the type of item they're applied to. i.e. an insignia created by a tailor can be applied to plate armour. All boxes for creating glyphs, and also astral components for creating glyphs, will become a small amount of chests containing high quality components for the relevant profession.
                          • There has also been a significant reduction in the price of components sold by NPCs. 
                          • The recipe list interface has become easier to use. For any recipe you can now quickly select the required components

                          • All potions, created by recipes that are not available in update 4.0.4, will become "Rancid Potions" upon the installation of update 5.0.0 and it will no longer be possible to use them. 
                          • "The Highest Art of Alchemy" quest will be available from level 60. Now pure amalgam will be given as a reward for the quest.


                          • Changed the cooldown duration of abilities, transferred by a progenitor to their reincarnation. More information available here. (I will also translate this later)
                          • [subscription] Characters will receive an additional ruby and talent point at levels 20, 30 and 40.
                          • [subscription] Players will have the opportunity to buy new mounts, or to receive them for participation in a variety of game activities:
                          • It will be possible to buy a Horse from traders
                          • It will be possible to receive a Rhino, Mammoth, and also an Astral Mammoth and Astral Cat from astral islands. 
                          • while treasure hunting in the Wild Lands it will be possible to receive Horses of the Apocalypse and Cats.
                          • You can receive a Magic Carpet as a trophy for killing the Dragon in Tep's Pyramid, for defeating Gen'ul players can receive a Fiery Lion, and a Drake for completing Eclipse. A Fiery Wolf and Goldwood Wolf can be purchased for battleground emblems. You can receive colour patterns for the Horse as random drops for defeating monsters.
                          • [subscription]  The amount of received loot and maps in the Wild Lands, and also received droplets of amalgam increased 1.5 times. 
                          • Reincarnation. The number of possible incarnations of a character has increased to 10.
                          • Draconic Relics. Updated the assortment of Draconic Relics available for Battleground Emblems. Now it's possible to purchase level 60 equipment, except for special weapons and items for right and left hands.
                          • Changed the mechanic of receiving rubies for World Mysteries, excluding: "Ancient June Magic" (League), "Science at the Service of the Empire" (Empire), "The Grand Experiment", and "The Art of Creation". Now to study the rubies it's no longer necessary to have already received it on one incarnation or progenitor.
                          • All glyphs available to the character, will be converted to the new stat system after the installation of update 5.0.00 "Heart of the World". Now there will only be three types of glyph: "Glyph of Might", "Glyph of Stamina" and "Glyph of Balance". After the conversion, glyphs created by professions will be activated and bound to the character. If you intend to sell unwanted glyphs, then move them into the bag beforehand. The movement of glyphs from the bank to the bag will bind them to the character.
                          • Now for completing quests and killing enemies, players will receive "Destiny Points" as well as experience, which can be spent to instantly complete most simple quests. The amount of accumulated points can be seen by hovering the mouse over the experience bar. Please note that after reaching level 60, any remaining "Destiny Points" will be reset.
                          • Hangars will be included in the teleportation network.
                          • Transformation crystals for improving the ship are now stored in Valuables.
                          • Now the character has the ability to sort items in their bag while in Purgatory.
                          • Now Realgar, received from the Lapidarist, also has a life time of 30 days.
                          • Changed the system of quest rewards. Now a quest will only display rewards suitable for the character.
                          • Food and Drink purchased from vendors, now give a fixed number of secondary stats, decreasing if the character's level exceeds the level of the food and drink. For each level difference the bonus is reduced by 8%.
                          • Fixed a bug which made it impossible to open the Chest of the Adventurer at the correct level.
                          • Recruits Chests sold from vendors have been replaced with a unique set of equipment for each zone.
                          • Chests sold by vendors containing universal upgraders now bind to the character when picked up.
                          • A postman has been added near the portal in Yasker's Tower.
                          • Now the maximum time spent in Purgatory is 15 minutes. The change in the cost of resurrection at the Goblin Spirit (the amount of Myrrh dependent on level) will remain the same.
                          • For completing weekly quests on their Private Allod, players will receive 5 universal glyph upgraders instead of Mirror Scrolls. They will help to improve glyphs up to Fabled level 56. A character's remaining Mirror Scrolls will be removed. They are no longer used in the game.
                          • If you complete a World Mystery quest with "Shards of Mystery Seals", then you can receive a piece of legendary equipment for your character.
                          • All quests related to obtaining Greatness and building a personal allod will now be available from level 60.
                          • Amalgam will be transformed to Cinnabar. If amalgam was unbound, then the resulting Cinnabar will also be unbound.

                          System of Upgrading Items

                          • It's now possible to improve glyphs to level 55 Fable at the Anvil with "Mirrored Glyphs".

                          • "Seals of Mystery" are removed from the Boutique. Instead players can receive "Shards of Mystery Seal". Each World Mystery requires a certain number of Shards. All remaining "Mystery Seals" on a character will be converted into 10 "Shards of Mystery Seal".
                          • In the "Reincarnation Pack" 10 "Mystery Seals" are replaced with 100 "Shards of Mystery Seals".
                          • "Small cone of Incense" has been removed from the Boutique. Instead you can purchase a "Small pack of Incense" which will last 1 week and a "Large pack of Incense" which will last 3 weeks.
                          • "Astral Replicators" and "Ethereal Replicators" will be removed from the Boutique. Characters' remaining replicators will be replaced with an appropriate amount of Incense.
                          • All potent elixirs have been removed from the assortment of elixirs and discount coupons, except for"Elixir of Luck" and "Elixir of Conviction",
                          • Removed the tab "My Discounts". When you use a coupon, the item will be displayed in its respective section.
                          • Removed "Magic Tracing Paper".
                          • "Specks of Light" have been removed from the Boutique. Now you can receive a small amount of them for completing almost all quests. Instead of these, temporary non-consumable level 60 Specks will be available in the Boutique: "Dying Speck of Pure Light" which lass for 30 days and "Smouldering Speck of Pure Light" which lasts 180 days. In addition, players will be able to receive "Specks of Pure Light" of an identical strength from the daily quest "Heavenly Fire" in Irdrich.
                          • Added "Mirror Glyph" to the section "Services/ Upgrades". It can help you upgrade glyphs to level 55 Fable.
                          • Added "Elixir of Conviction" and "Elixir of Luck" to the "Elixirs" section, and also a pack of these elixirs (5 pieces in each pack).
                          • Added a new item, "Scroll of Destiny" to the tab "Levelling" which can be used to activate inactive  "Destiny Points". Players who've reached level 55 cannot use this item.
                          • In the tab "Services/Reincarnation" will be a new item "Empty Ark". It can be used to share "Map Scraps" and certain loot between the progenitor and the reincarnation.
                          • Added the item "Magic Strip of Tracing Paper" to the boutique that will improve an astral map's loot multiplier.

                          Known Issues

                          • After installing the update, the graphics settings of the game can slip. To select the desired parameters, you must move the slider on the quality of graphics to the far right - to "Custom". Otherwise, after exiting the game, the settings will move again.
                          • IMD. For the quest "Mysterious Stele", Fireheart appears only after killing six horses, although the quest requires killing only five horses.
                          • The effect of the modifier "Crabolization" may appear on a character before the previous one has finished. 
                          • Automove does not work for the quest "Testing the Desorotype"
                          • There is no description of the necessary amount of transfromation crystals on reactors.
                          • The character receives damage during the movement of a ship, if it's flying at the maximum speed.
                          • Island "Copper Mountain". With the modifier "Fear of the Unknown" Sinyushka is invisible, but she continues to attack
                          • Priest. While under the effect "Aspect of Rage", the priest receives 15 Bloodthirstiness instead of 15 Rage.
                          • The secret to "Gateway-2". You can reach the Nayan Tower during the quest "A Historic Event". The quest will not be counted.
                          • In some cases the quest "Step into the Unknown" is not counted.
                          • Automove for the quest "Latest News" doesn't take you to the location to complete the quest.
                          • Upon entry to an island under the effect "Helping Hand", a player is offered to choose their reward.
                          • In some cases it is possible to remove the effect "Holy Shield" with the skill "Overture"
                          • Lab 13. Entrance Hall. The subquest "Shadowboxing" isn't counted.
                          • There are no resources on the Deserted Farm map, which give the buff that increases the rate of receiving points for the team.
                          • Sleepy Grove. Automove does not take you to the target of the quest "Sleeping Beauty".
                          • Engineer. No description for the effect "Steroids".
                          • The quest "Mad Flight" is not counted.
                          • Some descriptions of alchemical potions contain incorrect information.
                          • After level 47 there are no weaponsmithing recipes for bows and crossbows.
                          • When transferring leadership of the group, the wrong message is displayed in chat.
                          • Master Looter can not choose to transfer rewards to characters of the Engineer class.
                          • Incorrect icon for "Empty Ark" for the extraction of epic loot.
                          • Some potions cannot be found when searching the auction.
                          • In some cases, characters don't receive any trophies for defeating the Huntsman.
                          • Automove does not work for the quest "Weapons for Battle".
                          • Automove does not move the player to the desired coordinates for the quest "Origin of the Undead".
                          • The effect of a stronger potion increasing one of the stats is replaced by using a weaker potion affecting any other stat.
                          • During reinstallation of the game client, in the firewall exclusion settings for the application "Allods Online", the buttons "Apply" and "Cancel" are reversed. 
                          • In some cases, Nihil's turrets don't remove the shield in the second phase.
                          • Emblems for improving dominion helpers are dropped for the whole group in the total loot, and not for each individual participant.
                          • When using the jump device to jump from the ship to Irdrich, the character goes to Purgatory.
                          • Automove doesn't work for the quest "Pull".
                          • Witch Hollow. No reward is given for participating in the battle.

                          12 commentaires:

                          1. hylde, c'est légal d'envoyer une lettre de menace, puis par la suite de passer à l'acte, si ils changent pas quelque chose au rodeur mais dans le bon sens?

                            1. Si tu utilise des lettres découpés dans un journal et que tu te fais pas chopper après, c'est tout à fais légal. :)

                            2. Jsuis aussi partant pour la lettre de menace, ils vont pas nous baisser les dégâts alors qu'on commence enfin a faire mal quoi x)

                          2. Hmm ça ne parle pas du Sentier de la Gloire avec la réduction du nombre d'emblèmes à apporter? :(

                          3. je n'ai rien vu sur une quête qui devait être mis en place pour permettre le switch de faction ?? il me semble que sa devait être implanter a la 5.
                            0 , quelqu'un a une news sur sa ?

                          4. A quand les Xadaganiens pourront avoir la possibilité de faire un ( chaman druide ) !?.

                            1. Impossible, s'occuper d'un animal c'est du boulot. C'pas une Xada et sa manucure qui fera l'affaire. Laissons cela aux fermières de la Ligue.

                          5. Need les anciennes confront ( 24/24 ) , ou l'ont se bâter pour notre Allod , ont y planter fièrement le drapeau avec l' emblème de la guilde .

                          6. 15% more of the new Luck means 15% more crit chance if i remember well...

                          7. ce qui est génial avec les rodeurs c'est qu'a chaque patch, on sait ce qui nous arrive : un nerf

                          8. Salut Hylde ,
                            est ce qu'on pourra changer de faction à la 5.0 ?

                          9. Salut , pourrait 'ont nous en dire un peu + sur le switch de faction , quand va t'il être mis en place ? sous quelle forme ? et quand ????? .