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Patch 3.05 - Patch Notes [US]


• Goblinball has been added to the Skirmishes window

• Each Goblinball team consists of 4 players of the same faction without level limitation. Match duration is 10 minutes. The team that scores the most goals wins. In case of a tie, 2 additional minutes will be added until a team scores a goal. Players can participate in Goblinball 5 times a day

• Improved the character model for female Xadaganians. Emotions, animations, and sounds have been changed. Visual appearance of all female Xadaganian has been reset and 100 Carnival Masks will be sent by ingame mail as compensation

• Added Summerhold, a new PvE skirmish consisting of 12 players. The objective is to use vehicle-based combat to prevent as many chests as possible from being destroyed. Rewards will be based on the number of remaining chests and can be redeemed at Holiday Committee Officials in capital cities

• Aggressive monsters now give up chasing players more quickly when moving far away from their respawn

• Using Automove now mounts a player on the mount they summoned last. If the player has not used any mount during the current game session, then the fastest mount will be used

• Now off-hand items can be obtained from Recruit's Chests

Combat Glory has been removed from the game. This affected the following:
---- Unused Tomes of Combat Glory will be refunded in Premium Crystals
---- War Banner carriers receive 50% more experience for killing enemy players
---- Players receive 200% more experience for killing the War Banner carriers
---- Guild Regalia increases reputation gained instead of Combat Glory
---- The ruby previously rewarded from Combat Glory ranks is now available for 1500 Battle Emblems
---- Vendors selling armor based on Combat Glory ranks have been removed

• Soldiers of Fortune's Quartermasters purchase options have been rephrased for clarity

• Gallant Sweep has been introduced. Male characters can carry females of the same faction. Players can do this by targeting another player that meets the spell requirements and using the Gallant Sweep ability

• Soldiers of Fortune's Quartermasters now sell the epic Blind Helmet of the Ancient Witch only to players with Trusted reputation

• Overhead NPC quest markers have been improved. Normal quests and Important quests now look less similar

• Added tooltips for the lack of Crystal Chips and Gold Dust in the rune combining window

• Loot helpers now start dancing if a player uses musical instruments

• Now the first quest for apprentices is available from level 9

• Universal upgraders are now displayed with a color border indicating their quality

• Overlord's Aegis can now be summoned and used under water

• When trying to send a message in a guild chat, players with the Punished status now receive a notification that they do not have enough guild privileges

• A message about defeating Gorluxor and Sarn can now be posted in Social Networks

• Fixed a bug that made changing color of Kanian Warden's pets impossible

• Fixed a bug where Draconic Relics could not be exchanged for Emblems of Greatness

• Fixed a bug that required 10,000 reputation for buying cursed draconic relics instead of 2,500

• Fixed a bug with some monster and spell textures


• The effect bar has been improved. Now to see all active effects, one should mouseover the icons under the character portrait. Effects are displayed in the following order:

---- Important effects
---- Effects lasting less than 2 minutes
---- Effects lasting more than 2 minutes
---- Permanent or unlimited effects

• The Action Bar has been changed: the two panels have been merged into a single panel. Context actions are now higher and displayed more prominently

• The Quest Log has become more informative and now uses smaller icons to categorize quests

• Icons and bards have been added to the faction selection screen during character creation

• Item stacks in the Deposit Box can now be split by using the standard Shift, Ctrl, and Alt key combinations

• Items in the Deposit Box can now be sorted

• Information about the Great and Veteran titles has been added to userbars

• The Click-to-Move function has been improved 

• Ship interface has been changed. Upon entering hangar, a window is now displayed allowing players to summon or unsommon their ship and change its hull and rigging

• The Adventurer's Stone teleportation will now open for both left and right clicking

• Added a tooltip to the stable window that explains why a fed mount cannot gain any more experience that day

• Added a "Full inventory" warning for overflow items

• Fixed a bug where background music was unavailable at certain locations

• Fixed a bug where spouses and party members' markers were not displayed correctly on the map and minimap



• The Reverberation effect of the Rhapsody ruby now increases the bard's health by 5/10/15% down from 33/66/100%

• Fixed a bug that made bards immune to Sparkling Powder after using the Dancing Shadows ability

• Healer Incarnations' Divine Foresight healing has been increased by 60%

• Healer Incarnations' Holy Shield now absorbs a limited amount of damage

• Verdict's mana cost has been reduced by 32%

• Reduced Judgment's mana cost

• The Devout Servant ruby now reduces mana cost of the Holy Rage ability by 35/70%

• Fixed a bug where Entreaty was not working as indicated in its description

• Players under the Arctic Shock effect can now turn in place to continue attacking

• Fixed a bug with Strike of Justice where it could not be blocked, parried, or evaded

• Now the Loop of Time ability dispels negative effects received within the last 10 seconds 

• The Anger Management ruby increases the critical hit chance of Erase Memory

• Wall of Blades' damage has been increased by 40%, and mana cost increased by 33%

• Concentration effect no longer has a duration and will persist through logging out

• Moral Trauma's damage has been increased by 50%

• Fixed a bug where the Choke ability was too powerful for Warrior incarnations

• Fixed a bug that produced the Ectoplasmatic Body effect when using the Ectoplasmatic Form ability 

• Incendiary Arrow's effect no longer stacks, but its overall damage remains unchanged

• Added a Unity ruby producing the Fervor effect. It is similar to the bard's Reverberation effect produced by the Rhapsody ruby

• Now Summoners receive 3/5/10 Drops of Blood after resurrection depending on their Dark Pact rank

• Adjusted the placement of pet control buttons


• Modified descriptions of skirmishes in the Skirmishes window

• A button cancelling the queue for all skirmishes at once is now available in the Skirmishes window after having used the Any button to queue

• Players no longer receive the Deserter effect in enemy territory. Instead they receive a different "Griefer" effect that deals periodical damage. The opposite faction's preparation area is concidered "enemy territory"

• Now the "Battle has Ended" effect is applied when the fight at Deserted Farm or Witch's Hollow is over. The effect will be dispelled when a player leaves the skirmish


Tka-Rik's Cave 

• The Curse of Time trial has been removed

• The Blessings and Curses trial has been changed. Each sphere taken has a chance to increase the player's speed for 4 seconds. If a new sphere is taken while this effect is up, then the effect duration is renewed

• Failing the trial decreases the number of the completed trials by 1, completing the trial adds 2 to the number of completed trials

June Catacombs 
• The Charged effect now persists through death

Astral Confrontation 
• Fixed a bug that caused cannons to deal double damage


• Clarified the objective of the Holy Symbols quest

• Now the Spirit of Wisdom needed for Apprentice's quests can only be summoned while in a group with a Mentor. To do this, players must select their Mentor as their target

• Fixed some landscape defects at the border between Coba Plateau and Asee-Teph

• Fixed a bug where Veronika Gipitskaya would disappear after turning in "The Exchange" quest 

• Fixed a bug where some quests were not properly categorized as Important Quests

• Fixed a bug that made the exchange of a Holy Rune for Holy Symbols impossible 

• Fixed a bug where Vakula could be killed without being on the [Challenged to a Duel] quest

• [The Rebels' Letter] quest. The Rebel's Letter can now be removed from the bag

• [Aidenus' Archers] - Now duration of the Thick Branches effect is 4 minutes, and 4 monsters are required 
• In order to complete the [Meeting the Seers] and [Yasker's Emissary] quests, players will need to kill the enemy's ambush

Coba Plateau 
• Fixed a bug that prevented players from being thrown over the mountain for the [Catapult!] quest

Dragon Ring 
• Merdash the Malevolent for [Yet Another Threat] no longer awards experience when killed
• Fixed the incorrect titles of the Demon Hunters' Quartermasters Sofia Lozhkina and Vasily Gurov

Yazes Shard 
• Fixed a bug where some monsters could not be selected as a target

• Now players can use mounts in the Defiled Ruins
• Fixed a bug with the tooltips for the June mechanisms on the Cursed Path

• Fixed a bug that caused a quest series for passing through the first Wall of Time to fail

Isle of Revelation 
• Citadel Keeper does not offer [Helping the Ghost Hunters] quest if the [Counter Strike] quest has been already turned in

Tropical Atoll 
• Fixed a bug with the duration of the Karah-Oki quest

Wandering Isle 
• Seal of Sarn's Benevolence received for completion of the [Death to Our Foes!] quest can now be turned into 10 Cultist Coins 

Kingdom of Elements 
• The abilities of many elementals have been changed. Some are now stronger, especially when in groups


• Gathering professions are now included with their crafting counterparts. Blacksmithing is paired with mining while leatherworking and tailoring both allow disassembling. 

• Patterns, materials, and tools have been changed. Each tool has its own upgraders which can be bought from the profession trainers. 

• Tailors and leatherworkers can exchange their Disassembling Instructions and Equipment Refiners for Ethereal Yarn and Enigmatic Leather respectively, and blacksmiths can exchange their Equipment Refiners and Mysterious Metal Shards for Omnum. 

• At level 51 in a profession, players can create Astral armor and armor needed to upgrade it. 

• The profession interfaces have changed to accommodate the new crafting minigame

• Increased the effectiveness of combat potions created by alchemists

• Now 5 combat potions are created at a time

• All herbs in the game are now common quality with properties of previously epic quality herbs

• Fixed an incorrect duration for Combat Elixirs obtained from Combat Elixir Boxes

• Fixed a bug that caused names to display incorrectly for some recipes

• Fixed incorrect descriptions for some potions


• Radiant Astralium Particles no longer go only to the player who won the roll but is instead distributed between all party members as intended

• If a group of players failed to jump to an allod, an error message will appear

• The color of the ship cannon reticule has been changed

• It is now possible to pay the remaining amount for ship's repair in gold, if a player does not have enough resources

• Demon Hunter representatives in the hangar now offer daily quests for killing Fierce Tempting Predators and gathering treasures of the Anomalous sector

• Now vanity costumes can be earned as a reward for killing Astral bosses in glittering sectors 

• Lost Expedition: Fixed a bug where Bighorn's adds did not enter combat as they appeared

• Koch-Itzmahl: Now Cayman is aggressive from the beginning and there is no need to feed him

• Solitary Fortress: Fixed a bug that caused a lack of equipment in boss' loot

• Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the Astral modifier effect to remain after a player left an allod 

• Fixed a bug that caused a miss when firing at lower parts of Astral demons with a ship cannon

• Fixed some bugs with the Astral Reinforcements Astral modifier


• Visuals of legendary cannons and shields have been changed

• To make comparison of ship devices more convenient, a rating system has been added to their descriptions. The number of stars for each stat represents how much it affects a player's ship. 5 stars being the highest and 1 star the lowest

• Information about the ship visor's health has been removed

• Emanations are now automatically restored when entering the hangar

• Fixed a bug where there was no information about the number of the crystals given out for disassembling the Demon Hunters' devices

• Fixed a bug that caused extra names for ship devices

Item Shop

• Astral Replicator can now be used only by characters of level 45 and above

• Loot helpers can learn how to gather ore and herbs after buying a Mineral Manual or a Harvesting Manual from the Item Shop

• Changed the Icon for Tokens of the Explorer

• Tabs in the Item Shop will now collapse when opening a different tab

• "gPotato to Gem Shards" and "Gem Shards to Premium Crystals" buttons are more visually descriptive

• A new Discounts tab has been added to the Item Shop where items that can be bought with individual discount coupons are displayed

• Double-clicking a discount coupon opens the Discount tab of the Item Shop window

• A description of the Page from the Book of Ancestral Secrets has been corrected

• New crafting items have been added to the Item Shop: Ethereal Yarn can replace any cloth, Enigmatic Leather can replace any leather, and Omnum can replace any metal

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