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[4.0] Patch note préliminaire



  • The game appeared Gems - special items that increase your character's attributes. (En savoir plus)
  • Chests are now issued only recruit for the job level 6-51.
  • Astral horns derived from the chest rookie, replaced by other items of value.
  • Rune of strengthening the spirit now correctly increases the wisdom of the character.
  • There are three new story zones Irdrih windy hill and Crystal Mountain.
  • Complemented by a description of amulets from the City of demons.
  • There's a new game activity - Dominion . A new kind of astral wars in which guilds have to start a fierce struggle for influence in Sarnaut. More information can be obtained from the management .
  • Removed playing activity "Astral Confrontation."
  • Fixed a bug which resulted in the following changes in the fraction ligiyskuyu lists available teleports open access Ivo.
  • Changed and improved selection screen faction at character creation.
  • Launch window games changed, it became possible to view the videos.
  • Maximum level of development has been increased to 55.
  • Fixed a bug due to which, in some cases it was impossible to change the fraction using the Amulet of renunciation.
  • Increased stability of game servers, and their response time.
  • "Chest Recruit", "Veteran's Chest," "Chest militias" now produce items for the left hand.

Shop of curiosities

  • All items that can be purchased at the character of coupon codes have been moved to a separate category of curio shops "My specials".
  • If the character is not in the bag coupon that allows purchase an item at a discount, the icon of this product in the shop of curiosities will be gray.
  • When using a coupon code is now open tab curio shops "My specials".
  • Improved description of the items sold in the shop of curiosities.
  • No longer case sensitive when renaming a ship with a license.

Quality Improvement System objects

  • Changed the name improver "Boots Crimson Dawn" to "sabatons Crimson Dawn."

Dragon shape

  • Amended and supplemented by a description of the damned things Dragon image - they give a boost to performance in the event that they are cursed.

Social Networks

  • When sending a message in a social network can now select the name by which it is signed.


  • Fixed a bug due to which the return unredeemed item at auction, in a social network sends information on its receipt.
  • Tabbed chat messages now does not disappear with time.
  • Now, in the description of the subject indicates the number of such items in the cell.
  • Improved search function goods at auction.
  • To facilitate the understanding of the most essential milestones are marked as recommended and allocated a special way.
  • Now, after the use of textbooks to aide in its description appears on additional opportunities.
  • Improved the performance comparison of the character of equipment.
  • There was a feature on the selection of equipment with the character. It is designed to help players at lower levels to understand the characteristics and to avoid mistakes in the choice of subjects.
  • Improved interface prompts. They have become more evident. Added tips, talks about the different game situations and objects.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the news of the day in the "Information" window "Guild" is not displayed correctly.
  • Fixed a bug due to which sometimes displayed incorrectly health indicator monster respective indicator above it.



New abilities become available for study at level 52. To use them, need dragon tears, which are placed in a new location in the equipment of the character. The value of damage depends on the quality of your character dragon tears. 

Ordinary Dragon Tears sold by myrrh, the tears of a good quality can be bought at the Servants of the Light if enough power received daily quest. 
Tears remarkable quality you can get in return for the performance of special daily Job merchant myrrh. 
Dragon Tears of higher qualitycan be obtained only on an island.
(En savoir plus)
  • All classes that use mana to cast spells, leveled and increased the base value of wisdom.


  • Fixed a bug that causes the priest to create incarnation he was given a two-handed stick and shield.
  • The ability to "execution" is now activated.


  • Expanded and improved descriptions of Scout skills.


  • The ability to "look-alike" will no longer have the time to re-use.


  • Now the ingredients for potions produced pagan collected 100 pieces per box bag.


  • Effect "Kvintakkord" imposed on the enemy, now marked as negative in the notifications chat.



  • Fix the problem, because of which there was no effect of context in the quest, "The vow boast."
  • Postman now stands near the Forge.


  • The quest "The latest proof." Fixed a bug that resulted in the monster needed for the job, restore their health during the attack.


  • Job "Vow Challenges." Fixed a bug due to which the effect on the ability of mysticism, "Virus", superimposed on a monster "Shadow", spread to other monsters nearby.

Splinter Hypatia

  • Job "How Am the Law," "Map Rogue Ginger" and "Master of ghosts" is now single, for their performance character receives 2 Mark of the Chosen One.


  • The quest "Strange Request Hunter" is now a group.
  • Setting the "Race." Fixed a possible false start during the competition.
  • The quest "Strange Request Hunter" is now marked as a group.
  • Fixed a bug that causes the monster "Third Destroyer" kill shall respect the goblin.


  • To the "Battle" for each battle with information about the minimum level necessary to participate.
  • Characters, idle for a minute, will be removed from the site of the battle.

Mausoleum of Sparks

  • There are new awards for participation in battle: colors, items of equipment (such as cloaks) and visual effects.

Tower Gurluhsora

  • Fixed a bug due to which the Demonic casket was impossible to get, if the death was caused by Sarna, the impact of negative effects imposed by the characters.



  • Improved the trade allods the astral map.
  • Task "Introduction to the ships." For the job is no longer required the subject "A valuable parcel."
  • In the mysterious astral players available to new astral island and heroic adventure.
  • Removal of the second and third layers of Astral Astral is now divided into three layers: the closest astral astral unexplored and mysterious astral.

  • Felwood. Fixed a bug due to which it was impossible to collect the right amount of effects, "Heart of a madman."
  • If a group of characters to try to bypass the monsters on the way to the boss without killing them, these monsters join the battle in the battle with the boss.
  • Underwater kingdom. Fixed incorrect skill boss "Sea King".


  • Some changes in the work of naval units.
  • Now when you set the maximum vehicle height of its vertical speed is zero.
  • The construction of the ship is now available to level 35 characters.
  • If the character is in any place the dock while jumping through the astrolabe now he is on the ship.


  • The quest "The consequences of the raid." To run the job now need to bring 20 Weak udushnika extracts.
  • New components for professions 51-55 level.
  • Old things "Textbook blacksmith", "textbook case of handicraft", "Tutorial tailoring", "Tutorial leatherworking" and "Book of Mining" have been replaced by new ones.
  • Now all alchemical potions are added to 100 units per cell.
  • To be able to use retroform must learn tutorial "How to use retroforma" which is sold by a mentor profession.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the prescription "scheme for the blacksmith:" Mittens midday sun "after use is not added to the list of recipes.
  • Added a recipe for creating improvers rings and earrings.
  • Added a new level 51-55 for the manufacture of objects. There are recipes for gems.
  • Now the Demon Skin, ethereal fabric, Omni legendary quality as the mandrake root.

Errors that will be fixed in the next update

  • Dominion. The effect of "trial period" does not disappear when you die.
  • Pearl Ring. The quest "Unexpected guests." If you leave the heroic adventure, not surrendering a task, in some cases, return back again to pass the task impossible.
  • Dominion. Members of the group did not report that they got in line.
  • Novograd. Novograd guards and patrol League first level of development.
  • Dominion. If a character leaves the group and out of the queue, the whole group will kick off the queue for the war.
  • Hangar. Interface offers true calling ship cause has not built a ship.
  • Astral. The chest, obtained piracy at the time of the post of one of the factions is not given a reward.
  • Plagued reflection castle. Duplicate name of the island at the approach to it on the ship.
  • Astral. Unable to perform the job "Lesson two: departure to the astral plane."
  • Dead city. Incorrectly displayed flight Drake.
  • Icon is displayed incorrectly reading the letter.
  • "Gaze III". When viewing the equipment do not appear Dragon Tears in the appropriate box.
  • Windy hill. Job "Bay bloodsuckers." When the job group does not count monsters.
  • The quest "Deadly Cargo". It is impossible not to call Veronica "Brooch Veronica."
  • Some of the texts of the new zones contain incorrect information.

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