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[4.0] "Dominion"

Je ne vous en avait pas encore parlé, faute de comprendre clairement les tenants et aboutissements de ce système mais il me semble important de souligner l'implantation de ce nouveau lieu de PVP.

Si je devais résumer cela avec mes mots simples et dans les limites de ma compréhension:
Il s'agit de batailles entre guildes pour conquérir des allods. A la différence des confrontations, les allods sont nombreux et similaire à ceux que nous avons côtoyé en pve et le pvp se fait en petit nombre et de tous nouveaux mercenaires y seraient engageables.

Un petite vidèo:

Le /google trad des Coup d'oeils russe:
The battle for "Dominion"
Each resident Sarnauta well known that such a war. C the first levels of the hero learns to survive and work in teams. After all, once it has entered the ranks of the famous guild and will protect the interests of his faction at the main event of the server - Astral confrontation.
The day is coming when the players have the opportunity to rewrite the history of astral wars. As you already know, the Guild will begin a fierce struggle for influence in Sarnaut from scratch  [To be more] . In this battle no longer be limited to just one astral island - powerful guilds can take control of entire sectors of the Astral!
Tell us about the changes combat mechanics for territory. Instead of a battle guild will always fight for their land, plans to capture areas of neighbors and plan ahead.
Guild can at any time to launch an attack on the interests of the sector. You will need to submit a group application for the "Dominion" in the interface of the battle. The only limitation is the astral keys required participants to join the fight.
Battle will take place between the two groups of players. They will play two rounds, one in the role of defenders, the second as a hitter. Battlefield will be one of the astral islands to - capturing or defending key positions on it. Initially there will be four such allods, but their number will increase over time. Every fight should take an average of 20-30 minutes, after that the scoring and the winner will be announced.
Finally, the fun part!
In the battle for the sector will involve special satellites, which will be available in the astral plane. This is a full combat unit, your faithful friend and personal lawyer. Yes, these supporters will be with you for only a battle for the sector, but the best way to strengthen the group did not find!
The group may be no more than three of these assistants. Everyone will obey the orders of the owner, like a habitual mercenaries. In battle, you can call one of the six satellites, differing abilities and skills. In addition, you will have the opportunity to make his comrade strong and hardy, and teach him new skills, extracting specific components in the astral plane.

New confrontation

The first thing to say that, as before, to participate in the AP-2 allowed only characters maximum. An important difference from the old AP is the introduction of elements that make participation in the AP more convenient, and gameplay - more diverse. Overall World area of conflict - it is not the individual, abstract island. Now it is a single card boundless astral! Firstly, it clearly. Occupied or disputed territories are immediately displayed on the map. Secondly, one can see who your neighbor is and what sectors has your guild. old AP will be completely removed from the game. The results of the final AP will be valid for seven days. Received the award for the week, all guilds will start with a clean slate and will gradually occupy new territory, neutral at the beginning of AP-2. So, what are the pros bring changes: 1. Convenient schedule. You no longer need to be online on Saturday night without fail, you can play other, more comfortable days. 2. More battles! Now your opponent can "cover" gold, or by coincidence fight could not take place.With an increasing number of opponents will be more fights and battles that can be avoided - less. 3. Less stress on the injury. Now a lost AP implies capture / looting island enemy. This monstrous disappointment for guild defeated. In the AP-2 will not be a huge disaster of just one error or the fact that the fight could not come to a key player.Decrease the possibility of losing a lot of resources and left behind rivals. 4. PvE component. Achieve success in the war will not only famous PvP fighters, but players who prefer PvE. They will be able to bring the guild special resource to the count successes Guild along with its achievements in PvP. Thus, will be in demand both directions.

The main differences of the AP-2

Seizure of the territory.
Geographically AP-2 available now surpass phase island of Buyan. Take part in the war will be much more guilds. Seizure of territory will be gradual, ie, win or lose more land will not be so easy. Fighting for the sector of AP-2 will now last longer and are spread over several weeks. hold territory. guild can hold at one phase of Hellraiser, but several!However, keep the growing number of sectors will become more and more difficult. So it is hardly even the strongest guild can take over the entire map. However, this opportunity you will have! battles for territory. new activity in fights for territory several times a week.As a result of battle is determined, managed to capture the island or not. Despite the fact that the battle will be more - skipping a few of them are doing. Format battle also changes: the main type of combat will be short in duration fight, "the group to the group." Battle "raid on the raid" will remain, but will be "accelerated." Awards. Participating in the AP-2, can be obtained as trophies components for the assembly of special items, improving the properties of the existing equipment in the characters. Thus, the award does not replace the earlier weapons and armor, but supplement them. Moreover, in the next major content which introduced AP-2 is not expected to change or increase the available level of equipment above 52. More about the wonderful properties of rewards you will learn in due time .

The battle for "Dominion" 
Part 2
Last time we told you the first details about the Dominion, a new stage of astral wars. You learned how to fight, and will be what it takes to win this battle. Today we will tell you more about the role of ordinary players and guilds in the battle for dominion.
First, I should note - to take part in the battle of the Dominion can any player. However, membership in the guild and the status it will provide tangible benefits to the hero.
The presence of the player championship capes will give him the opportunity to fight for the sector, led the group, consisting of both ordinary and of the champions.
Progress receive championship capes to update 4.0.0 will change, they will be available before now.
It is important to note that it was on the achievements of the group, led by champions dependent redistribution of influence in the Dominion. Ordinary members of the same guild, and players who do not belong to a guild, can not affect the balance of power on the global map. Finally, the characters, whose rank - officer or higher, will be available to determine the strategic direction the guild on the global map.
For participation in the war to all the players will get a special resource , which they can spend on the improvement of equipment . 
Normal hero cape will to receive the Glory to the Dominion, and Prestige in the astral plane. Despite the familiar name, it's two completely new resource that you need to bet on the sector, and the gold will increase the basic amount of the resource. 
On the picture you can see a prototype card Dominion. Now she is still in development, so this model is rather arbitrary and is far from final. However, now you can appreciate its scale.
Establishing control over the sector
Fighting for influence will last a week, and their follow-up will be division of territory between guilds participating.
With the upgrade all sectors will be neutral. Each sector has lost independence, will contain information about the guild who performed there fighting. Guild in the sector will be one of the conditional status: challenger, intervener, the owner.
Applicant - the one who ticked the box on the map sector and is going to attack, which may be a surprise to rival guilds. Interventionist successfully fighting for the sector and has already captured some of his segments. Owner - is the one who moves the previous was the last one captured all 20 segments of the sector.
In addition, the system allows for the capture bonus from adjacent sectors that are under your control. Thus, in the interest of the guild - a foothold in a particular part of the map, and only then try to capture the nearby sector. If the sector at the same time will qualify for a lot of guilds, it is likely that none of them will be able to control it for a long time.
To participate in the battles for the sector and influence to get points, you must mark it to my map in phase tactical planning. Remove the flag, the guild loses all possessions in the sector, but will free more resources to increase its influence in the remaining sectors, or to attack the other sector. The more segments of the sector will be in the possession of the guild, the higher the income generated by it.
It is important to note that for each sector will be assigned to a specific type of awards, which significantly increases the number of opportunities for strategic planning.

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